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Adrenaline in Mountain Village

Thursday • July 23, 2015

Bungee Trampolines 

If being at 9,540 feet is not high enough for you, there is a way to get even higher. There are bungee trampolines in the Mountain Village Plaza for the adrenaline junkie visitors. You are harnessed to stretchy rubber cords as you jump higher than you can imagine. Whether trying new tricks which you will later throw in the Terrain Park come Ski Season or just managing to burn off some energy after a big meal, it is a great activity for everyone.

Ropes Course 

Do you like the challenge of extreme balance, but not the danger? Then the ropes course will be a great choice for you. You are attached to a secure wire as you go along the high obstacle course. Though it may look hard, anyone can enjoy this exhilarating challenge.

Water Walkers Course 

Right below the ropes course is another unique activity that Mountain Village offers. Have you ever walked on water? Well you can now! There is a water walker’s course where you crawl inside of giant beach ball while they inflate it. Once it is inflated you are rolled on to the water and attempt to walk. Although it may sound easy, it truly is not. However, it can bring a smile to any participant’s face and probably most folks watching.

Extreme Bike Park

Some people need more than just jumping on a trampoline to get their blood pumping. Thankfully there are Downhill Mountain biking trails for those true over-the-top thrill seekers.  Place your bike on the rack of the gondola car, ride up to mid station, hop off and you’re free to go. The trails vary in difficulty for all levels of mountain bikers! Just make sure you’re careful and always wear a helmet!