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2015 Ride Artist Interview - Ayron Jones and The Way

Saturday • July 11, 2015

Seattle based rock and roll band Ayron Jones and The Way are making their 1st appearance in Telluride at this year's Telluride Ride Festival.  Although their first album Dream was produced by hip hop pioneer Sir Mix-a-Lot, their sound is more of a mix between 70's acid rock and R&B guitarist/vocalist Gary Clark Junior.   We caught up with front man Ayron Jones for a brief Q and A before they take the stage tonight at Fly me to the Moon Saloon. - How long have you been playing music? 

Ayron - Music?  My whole life practically.  I've been playing guitar and writing songs for 16 years. - How do you describe your sound?

Ayron - Grungy blues with a hint of Nirvana. - Who are your biggest musical influences? 

Ayron - Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Kurt Cobain. - What was it like finding your way in the Seattle music scene?

Ayron - It was a fairly easy process.  There's a lot of space for bands in the Seattle music scene so getting local gigs was easy.  Breaking out nationally was more of a challenge but we had some help from Sir Mix-a-Lot. - How was that??  Being "discovered" by Sir Mix-a-Lot and then having him produce your freshman album? 

Ayron- It was really cool and a major jump start to our musical career.  We played a Battle of the Bands competition at the Hard Rock and he was a guest judge for the competition.  We won the regional section of the competition and later received a call from Sir Mix-a-Lot offering to produce an album for us.  We were absolutely thrilled and excited to work with him. - Who are you listening to these days?

Ayron- Different stuff.  Royal Blood-a sick 2 piece group out of the UK.  Rage against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few others. - What's your favorite album of all time?

Ayron - Michael Jackson's Bad. - What's next for you guys?

Ayron - Well...we head back to Seattle for a while.  We've got several gigs lined up there and a show opening up for Slipknot soon.  I'm in the process of writing songs for a new album so just plugging away at that.   

Do youself a favor and go check out Ayron Jones and The Way at Fly me to the Moon Saloon tonight!

Ever seen anyone play the guitar with a drumstick?  Watch this and enjoy!