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Telluride offers a wide variety of camps that make for a plethora of happy campers.

  • For 36 years, Telluride Academy has defined the term “Telluride summer” for kids. Programs include a fascinating array of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, backpacking, rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding and much more. Camps range from one week to one-month-long adventures for children and teens, ages 5 to 18.
  • The Ah Haa School for the Arts offers four-day, half and full-day youth art camps throughout the summer for kids ages 5 to 12 and a variety of classes for teens. Camp themes range from wheel throwing and mosaics to zombie art and printmaking.
  • Telluride Skate Camp channels the extreme energy of kids. Sessions are held at the skate park in Town Park. Experienced instructors teach kids how to get radical on their boards while showing them that being respectful and supportive are ways to be rad too.
  • Telluride Soccer Camps are just the right thing for budding Lionel Messis and Mia Hamms. Camps are taught by an incredible international staff of professional soccer players and coaches. Soccer is their passion and it shows. Your kiddos will walk away with a love of the sport, new skills and great times on the field.  
  • If music makes your youngster tick, check out the Rock & Roll Academy’s Summer Rock Camp. Weeklong sessions guide students through the process of being in a band. From choosing music and instruments to giving a concert. The camps are fun and challenging, focusing on the social, emotional and musical aspects of playing in a band.
  • In Telluride, science is so hot, it’s cool. The Pinhead Institute sponsors a series of summer camps for kids. Sessions include all-day camps on mornings-only “mini-missions.” Kids do everything from LEGO leagues to Math Camp to launching rockets in Blast Off.
  • Eco Adventures offers full-day camps for ages 5-8 with hiking, river play, fun games, team building activities and nature arts and crafts. Older kids, 9 to 14 years old, can try the more challenging EcoXploration activities like compass navigation, building a survival fort and hiking to waterfalls. 
  • Telluride Gymnastics offers camps and activities for kids ages 4-8 throughout the Summer including single class options as well as weekly camps. Summer activities are co-ed and involve obstacle courses, games, gymnastics and outside play. If you have a daughter in a gymnastics program at home, she is welcome to join their summer team practices to keep her skills sharp while you are away. For children under age 5, a morning indoor playground is offered on Fridays! For more information or to register, please email
  • Joan Jett was fond of singing “I love rock ‘n roll.” Does your budding Heartbreaker share that love? If so, check out the Rock & Roll Academy’s Summer Rock Camp. Weeklong sessions guide students through the process of being in a band, from choosing music and instruments to giving a concert.

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