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Jud Wiebe Trail

Jud Wiebe Trail

A Local Favorite

The Jud Wiebe Trail is a short, yet steep, trail that offers views of the Telluride Ski Resort and the entire valley. This is a loop that can be hiked in either direction from Aspen Street or Tomboy Road. The Jud Wiebe Trail is typically accessible year-round due to its location on southern side of the mountain. The trail is named in honor of Jud Wiebe, a forest ranger who made major contributions to the trails systems around Telluride.  


From the north end of Aspen Street, start on the dirt trail and go left across the bridge over Cornet Creek and follow the trail west. Follow signs, as this trail merges with others at the mid-section. The Jud Wiebe trail can also be accessed from the north end of Oak Street and hiked in reverse. Turn right on Tomboy Road and take the first left through the gate.

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