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Galloping Goose Trail

Galloping Goose Trail

Trail From Lizard Head to Telluride

The Galloping Goose has several different sections - Do one, two, or all of it! It's primarily a non-technical trail that follows an old narrow-gauge rail line for roughly 19 miles from the 10,222-foot Lizard Head Pass back toward the town of Telluride. There are a few short, steep technical sections and one four-mile stretch of dirt road between Sunshine Mesa and Ilium Trailhead, but otherwise, enjoy relatively smooth single-or-double-track the entire way.


If you plan to ride the trail end to end and want a relatively easy downhill cruise, start at Lizard Head Pass and ride south. For a gradual but relentless climb, start outside Telluride and ride north. For a shorter ride (6 miles) with a little of both, do an out-and-back from town to the Ilium Trailhead.

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