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Deep Creek

Deep Creek

A Hiking & Biking Paradise

This is a beautiful, moderate trail that is often used by bikers. It is technically an out-and-back trail, but can be connected with several other trails to make a loop. 


There are three possibilities for starting this trail. Going east to west:

  1. You can take the west end of the Jud Wiebe, walk from Cornet Creek to Butcher Creek and do the Waterline Trail to Mill Creek. This will add 2 miles to your hike.
  2. Eliminate those two miles by starting at the water treatment plant. Take the Mill Creek Road, outside of town by the way of Brown Homestead, across from the gas station to Mill Creek, at the water treatment facility.  
  3. Going west to east, you will start from Last Dollar Road, one mile beyond the airport at the corral.  

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