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Telluride Bike Park

A Whole New Biking Experience in Telluride

In 2019, Telluride is upping its game when it comes to biking. After a million dollar investment, the new Telluride Bike Park is scheduled to open July 5 (weather permitting), giving riders access to 17 miles of trails (15 different trails). Whether you're a biking beginner or an experienced rider looking for some of the most extreme terrain, there's something for you in Telluride. Come check out the new Telluride Bike Park!


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XC/Multi-Use Trails

XC trails are generally a mix of forest paths, singletrack and doubletrack, and sometimes even paved roads. These are open to two-way traffic, so expect hiking and biking. All uphill riders and hikers have the right-of-way. 

Current XC/Multi-Use Trails:

  • Russell - Easy. 1 mile. This trail begins at the intersection of Adams Ranch Road and Russell Drive and continues down a dirt surface to connect with the Meadows neighborhood. 
  • Basin - Moderate. 6 miles. Enjoy 2,240 feet of steep climbs and descents from the San Sophia Station down through the ski area before connecting with Prospect Trail. 
  • Big Billie's - Moderate. .5 miles. This short trail begins on Country Club Drive and ends at Big Billie's Apartments in the Meadows. 
  • Boulevard - Moderate. 2.5 miles. Cruise around Mountain Village on this trail that begins on a paved road in the Mountain Village core. It ends at the entrance to Mountain Village. 
  • Coonskin Loop - Moderate. 1.3 miles. This short loop begins and ends at the San Sophia Station and has an elevation change of 170 feet. 
  • Jurrasic - Moderate. 1 mile. A scenic trail that starts on Country Club Drive and ends in the Meadows neighborhood.
  • Meadows - Moderate. 1 mile. This trail starts in the Meadows neighborhood and winds down 200 feet to Lawson Hill and Highway 145. 
  • Sheridan - Moderate. 2 miles. Beginning at San Sophia, this intermediate trail follows a dirt service road down to San Joaquin Road. Vehicles may be on this road. 
  • Village - Moderate. 3 miles. Departing from San Sophia, this rolling trail goes across ski trails before descending into a creek bottom. It connects with the Boulevard Trail. 
  • Boomerang - Difficult. 1 mile. This short but steep trail descends from Mountain Village to the Valley Floor. 
  • Prospect - Difficult. 10 miles. This trail begins at San Sophia and goes across several ski trails before hitting Prospect Creek. It then climbs to the top of Lift 10 before going to Market Plaza. Prospect also connects with Boomerang Trail, which leads to Alta Lakes. 
  • See Forever - Difficult. 2.8 miles. Access for bikers begins on the Coonskin Loop Trail. This steep trail climbs along the ridgeline for 2.8 miles to connect to the Wasatch Connection Trailhead. Expect a 1,710 elevation gain. It is often combined with the Wasatch Trail for an all-day trip. 
  • Wasatch Connection - Difficult - 1.4 miles. This connects the See Forever Trail to the Wasatch Trail, which leads down to the Bear Creek Trail. 

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Freeride Trails

Freeride trails contain enhanced/modified terrain obstacles including jumps, berms, banks, bridges and drops constructed with dirt, wood and other materials. Most freeride trails are designed to be ridden downhill. Full-suspension bikes are recommended. Freeride trails are one-way only (descending). 

Current freeride trails:

  • Tommyknocker - Easy. 5.8 miles. A beginner freeride trail with rollers, banked turns and bridges that ends up at the base of Village Express (Lift 4). 
  • Gold Bug Loop - Easy. .25 miles. A quick loop near the base of Village Express great for warming up or fine-tuning skills. 
  • Shift Boss - Moderate. 1.1 miles. This trail features jumps and snake-like banked turns and it connects the top of Village Express to more technical trails. 
  • Ore Hopper - Moderate. 3.5 miles. Meant for advanced-intermediate riders, this trail has plenty of jumps, bridges and flowy turns.

Technical Trails

Technical Trails are machine or hand-built and have a tread approximately 18-24 inches wide. The trails feature steep sections, jumps, drops, rock gardens, and much more. Downhill bikes are recommended. Technical Trails are one-way only (descending). 

Current Technical Trails:

  • No Brainer - Moderate. 1.5 miles. This is a smooth, rolling and curvy trail that runs from the top of the Bike Park to the Mountain Village core. 

  • Cocoa Loco - Difficult. .1 miles. Cocoa Loco is a small fork off of the T-Bone Trail that has tight tree lines and wooden features.
  • Gold Rush - Difficult. .75 miles. A fork off of the No-Brainer Trail, this route features small jumps, drops and rock gardens. 
  • Pan-Coaster - Difficult. .5 miles. Expect steep slopes and jumps. It begins adjacent to the World Cup Trail. 
  • T-Bone - Difficult. .5 miles. A fork off of the No-Brainer Trail, T-Bone has weaving turns through the trees. 
  • World Cup - Expert. .75 miles. Extremely steep slopes. Forks off of the Gold Rush Trail .4 miles from the Bike Park entrance.

Hours of Operation

The Telluride Bike Park operating season is weather dependent. The XC Trail Network will open as soon as weather conditions permit. The typical riding season will run seven days a week from the third Saturday in June through Labor Day. Weekend operation will run through the closing day of the Telluride Golf Club (second Sunday of October). The new Bike Park hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, which includes lift access via the Village Express. However, XC Trails are open at 6:30 a.m. daily and can be accessed via the Gondola at San Sophia Station. Access passes are required from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; all XC riding outside of those hours is free.

Please note: All XC Trails in Prospect Basin are closed from May 20 until July 1 due to elk calving season. 


Passes are sold by the Telluride Ski Resort and can be picked up at any kiosk.

  • Single-Day Mountain Bike Pass: $36/day. Access to all XC, freeride, technical trails and the Village Express (Lift 4). 
  • Telluride Bike Park Season Pass: $199. Unlimited access to XC, freeride, technical trails and Village Express (Lift 4). 
  • Cross-Country Trail Season Pass: $25. Access to XC trails only; no bike park, freeride, technical trail or lift access.
  • Ski Resort Passholders: $25 donation. Unlimited access to XC, freeride, technical trails and Village Express (Lift 4).