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Sleigh Rides

One-of-a-Kind Sleigh Ride

In Telluride, you have three choices for that jingle jangle sleigh fun. One of the most unique sleigh experiences takes you all the way up to 12,000 ft near the top of the Gold Hill Lift! Cuddle up with your sweetie and ride in an enclosed snow coach as you head up to dinner at Alpino Vino. Enjoy a 5-course Italian gourmet meal surrounded by jaw-dropping mountain views.

Modern Sleigh Ride

Take the whole family on a sleigh ride up to the historic Aldosaro Ranch with Telluride Sleighs and Wagons. Two rides are organized nightly during the winter season and the earlier one is best for families. Drink hot chocolate (maybe with some Peppermint Schnaps for the adults), as you ride in a sleigh pulled by snowcat to the famed ranch. Arrive at the warm tent strung with twinkly lights for appetizers, drinks, dinner, and dessert served family style. Marvel at the sunset views of Wilson or if you are scheduled for the second sitting, take in the starry views and perhaps glimpse the milky way! Cozy up together under the provided blankets before riding the sleigh back towards town! 

Traditional Sleigh Ride

In Norwood, Telluride Horseback Adventures offers a traditional sleigh ride, complete with horses, a sleigh, and blankets to keep you warm. Rides are available during the day and make for a pleasant excursion should you decide to take a break from skiing. 



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