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RAT Trails

The RATs Out Of The Bag

Difficulty: Challenging

The Ridgway Area Trails (RAT) are a great newer addition for mountain bikers that is an easy day trip from Telluride. 

Located a few miles outside Ridgway on Country Road 10 a mile off of Hwy 550 is the best access point for these new bike trails. There is only one trail that is accessible from the parking lot aptly named "The Big Cheese". This heart-pumper is a 1.5mile climb with no less than 13 switchbacks depositing you on top of the mesa. From here there are plenty of choices that offer a combination of speedy downhill, drops and tight turns. Although challenging, plenty of families are doing these, but just taking their time. Other fun trails to try include Squeeker, Ratus Maximus and Rat Trap.