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Phil's World

Biking Mecca of Southwest Colorado

Difficulty: Challenging

Phil's World is a single track biking mecca in the southwest corner of Colorado. The famous "Rib Cage" gives you the best roller coaster sensation outside of an amusement park. A perfect day trip from Telluride, this ride is challenging but we've seen 10-year-olds complete it easily. All bikers start at the parking area, head through the trailhead gates and climb up through juniper trees, sage shrubs and yucca plants until a plateau is reached. The views are decent of the valley below but now is the time to decide which trails to take next. For longer rides, take Abajo to Ledges Loop and Ava's Gulch. Or if you want to get to the infamous "Rib Cage" follow the Abajo loop. For most people, including us, once is not enough, so circle around Abajo and enjoy the fun on the "Rib Cage" again!   

Late Summer/Early Autumn is a great time to do Phil's World with temperatures hovering between 70F-75F at midday. Be careful not to step on a scorpion; this is a desert and they have been known to be trailside during this time of year. 

There are 25 miles of intersecting trails to ride at Phil's World. Enjoy!