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Bridal Veil Basin

Wildflower Haven

The top of Bridal Veil Falls marks the beginning of the Bridal Veil Basin.  A wide, gently-pitched trail follows the river up to its source.  This trail is the starting point for long hikes to Blue Lake, the Lewis Mine, and the Wasatch Trail.  It is also the launching point to reach Silver Lake, a strenuous, but shorter hike, to a beautiful alpine lake.

This trail features numerous seasonal waterfalls and fields of wildflowers.  For much of the time, the trail is well above the river, but there are numerous side trails that you can climb down to the water.  Unless you plan on taking a very long hike and loop into the Bear Creek Valley, you will be hiking back the way you came.

The trailhead starts just behind the power station. There is limited parking nearby and at various places along the 4WD trail leading up to the power station.  There is also a parking lot further down that is accessible for regular cars.  For those new to Telluride, hiking on the road up to Bridal Veil Falls can be spectacular, but be aware that there can be a fair amount of jeep traffic up and down the road, kicking up the dust.

More Information: For additional details and an interactive map, click here.

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