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Ajax Peak

Best 360-Degree Views of the San Juans

Ajax Peak overlooks the town of Telluride from the far east side of the box canyon. It is a nontechnical peak climb summiting at 12,785 feet and ends in panoramic 360-degree views of Bridal Veil BasinImogene Pass, Savage Basin, Silver Lake, and beyond. 

Distance: 2.5 miles one way
Difficulty: Challenging
Elevation Gain: 2,785 ft
Time: 4-5 hours 


From downtown Telluride, drive east approximately 1.5 miles past the Pandora Mill site to the Valley View Parking Area on the right side of the road. You can begin your hike here and walk up the switch-backed dirt road (Forest Road #648) or you may also continue to drive up towards the Bridal Veil Power plant. High clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. Start at the top of Bridal Veil Falls where the road turns into a one-way (traveling downhill) from Ingram Falls. Climb steeply over stone steps that lead up the famous Black Bear Pass. Lookout for mining cables overhead; between the third and fourth cable, you will find the unmarked trail (on the left) to Ajax heading upwards. Follow the switchbacks that take you to a grassy ridge where you can spy to the North, Tomboy Road weaving down from Imogene Pass and Silver Lake and Ballard Mountain in the distance to the South. Follow the well-worn trail that takes you across grass and rocks to the summit. The views down into town are amazing, making you feel like you are on top of the world. Return the same way.  

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