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Telluride Weather & Climate

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Telluride Snow Report

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In Colorado, they say, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes."   

This rings very true for the mountains of Telluride, where the name of the game is LAYERS.

Summer Weather: June - September

Summer mornings in Telluride are generally sunny, and things heat up if the sun is uninhibited by clouds. The temperatures feel much hotter than the stated degrees until the clouds roll in when you will be happy you packed a light jacket.  During our summer monsoon season of late July and August, the afternoon hours bring rain showers, so don't forget your raincoat.  If you are planning a hike in the high country, be sure to get an early start as the thunderstorms typically develop at the higher elevation, and you may find yourself amid lightning and hail.  Get to your destination early and plan on being back down in town by noon for lunch.  

Fall Weather: September - November

Fall is a really beautiful time in Telluride.  The Aspen leaves show off their color display, the mornings are crisp and the afternoons warm up enough to be comfortable in pants and short sleeves.  As the evenings roll in, the chill sets and a puffy jacket is a great way to get cozy while still enjoying the outdoors.  Monsoon season has passed, so the threat of rain is minimal, though as we crest towards mid-October there is a possibility of snow showers.  The contrast between the blazing orange and reds of the aspens and the white snow is quite beautiful but please remember to pack for both extremes of sun and snow. 

Winter Weather: November - April

Telluride Winters can start early.  November can bring early season snow, an exciting sight as the snowpack builds for Telluride Ski Resort's Thanksgiving Opening Day.  Our winters are generally friendly temperature wise, as we are in the southwest corner of Colorado.  January can bring more frigid temperatures, so break out the heavier coats and bundle up!  If the sun is out, you can sometimes shed layers down to short sleeves for a bit and get a bit of a snow tan.  

Spring Weather: April - June

Spring is a bundle of surprises in Telluride.  Snow, rain, sun, just toss the coin.  This time of year you are best served packing for all seasons.  One day may be appropriate for flip-flops, the next galoshes and the day after you might be back in your snow boots.  Variety is the spice of life and there is never a dull moment here in the mountains of Telluride.